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Bill, I also would have liked a Hell No! from Joe but I believe he has to “pick his battles” as there are so many of them these days. Overall, I give him high marks when dealing with the hand he’s been dealt.

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Thank you Bill. While very disappointed about the Willow

project and the possible loss of

young voters over the matter,

a lot can happen to change the

whole complex situation. Especially if the Republicans

regain the presidency and roll

rollback the safe guards Joe

Biden has worked to put in

place for Willow and the oceans.

These too are things that need

to be pointed out to the young


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Apr 9, 2023Liked by Bill Alstrom (MA-Maine-MA)

I got the same letter, Bill.

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As a former Alaskan I was pleased by the compromise that President Biden worked out.

The issue is much, much more complicated than it appears from the lower 48 news media version.

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I agree that the issue is much more complicated than most imagine. For instance, the "leases" were in place long before Joe entered the WH. My point was that there are some decisions that have incredible symbolic value. This one is not planet ending by itself. But for so many folks who only read headlines, it appears that President Biden "caved" for political reasons. Not sure how all that balances out.

That being said, I wake up every day and am so grateful Joe is our man in the Oval Office.

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Bill, thanks for tagging me with Garfield. I'm meeting a lot of incredible people through HCR. I did a doc titled "Fracking Western Maryland?" . My take away was, we need to get off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible...but we can't stop tomorrow. The G&O Industry didn't really need to frack MD...there's not that much gas...they just did not want to lose...especially not be legislated against an banned. It's a longer story than I have time for today. Here's a link to my doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbugs2iebf0&t=9s

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